Not many of our readers, for one reason or another, have a car. A lot of interest in your cause our notes about bicycles or motorcycles. In its today's article I want to touch on a variety of personal vehicles, which in the near future can complement traditional bicycles.
Given the fact that I will talk about the near future, there is no doubt that actuate such vehicles are normal electric motors, receiving energy from ordinary batteries. You understand correctly, we will focus on personal electric vehicles. What they may be, and is already available on the market? Let's look together.

Electric Scooters and Motorcycles


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Scooters - a very popular form of transport we have. But now more and more appears the models of various shapes and sizes, using as fuel the ordinary electricity. Such models are very quickly gaining popularity around the world due to their compact size, relatively low prices and a sufficient mileage on a single charge. Among the companies producing such models have a renowned automotive brands, and anyone unknown startups.


For example, last year the Taiwanese company Gogoro showed a prototype of the original scooter Smartscooter. Its cost is about $ 4,000. Not cheap for this type of two-wheel, right? But on the other hand, you are as much as two years, forget about everything connected with the service of his scooter, and even recharging. After all, the manufacturer has included in the cost of the use of special filling stations that are scattered all over Taipei. At the moment, their 32. A scooter charging takes place in just a few seconds - by replacing the special "cartridge" with the battery.


currie electric scooter


If you need a real (though electric) chopper, the company zec00 have a great option. And the first batch, consisting of 49 specimens assembled and ready to go to happy customers. The power of this motorcycle - 50 kW, while torque is 144 Nm. It provides a power lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 11.4 kW / h.


All this allows the motorcycle from zec00 reach a maximum speed of 160 km / h, and the power reserve should be enough for 160 kilometers. The only negative electric chopper - the price of which is $ 72,000 in the aisles.


Yes, universal electrification reached and such, it would seem, the classic look of a personal vehicle. Typically, a power reserve of these "hybrids" may range from 30 to 100 kilometers and a top speed of 55 km / h.


For example, the unique "elektrosiped" from Audi. To compensate for the weight of the lithium-ion batteries, the company had to completely manufacture the frame and the rim of carbon fiber. Now the weight of these components (without various attachments) is not more than 3 kg, the total curb weight - 21 kg. The electric bike is set, issuing 2.3 kW of power, and as many as 250 Nm of torque. For better weight distribution battery is placed at the lowest point of the frame. The maximum speed on a single motor can reach 30 km / h, but if you're still pedaling, the "maximum speed" approach as much as 80 km / h!


If you already have a bike, then you can turn yourself into a similar "hybrid". To do this you will need to purchase elektronabor, the highlight of which will be a special motor-wheel. The latter is necessary to choose the required diameter (eg - 24-, 26- or 28-inches). In addition to wheel set includes various necessary components: a special controller, accelerator handle, charger, pouch for batteries and the control panel. The cost of this kit in Ukraine about $ 300.


By the way, in Kiev for nearly a whole year there delivery service DelFast, which carriers move solely on electric bicycles. Among the regular customers of this service about 70 different online stores and restaurants. The only condition for the company - the weight of the load should not exceed 7 kg. By the end of the year bike park will reach 50 units 


Blisks, or as they are called monocycles, appeared relatively recently, as the development of the idea of ​​the world-acclaimed "Segway". At the heart of the vehicle is also a gyroscope, which does not allow to lose balance. The main advantage of such transport can be described as very compact dimensions that easily allow to place blisks in a conventional backpack.


Just note, such a pleasure not cheap. The average cost of blisks $ 700-800. Cruising is also slightly varies from model to model, but is usually found in the aisles of 20-25 kilometers. Maximum speed is quite decent and can reach 20 km / h. The weight of the vehicle of the order of 10 kg.


The intermediate link between electric bicycles and monotsyklami, called to be ordinary scooters and skateboards. Although modern technology is not quite allow me to call this high-tech transport "ordinary."

Let's start with elektrosamokatov - this kind of personal transport is compact and affordable cost. Of course it is far to blisks sizes, but in the case of a complete battery discharge, you continue to be able to continue the movement.